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I bought a Maytag washer and dryer front load from home depot last November. I have had major problems with it and here it is 3 months later, still under manufactor warranty and they won't fix it.

Just constant promises about getting someone here to repair it. Iter the sale. I have even been in contact with the corporate office and they just keep giving me empty promises.

I will never buy Maytag (Wirlpool) again or anything from home depot. Even earlier when I contactedthen they pretty much told me they have nothing to do with the product after the sale.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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It wouldn't be a Maytag Centennial by chance, would it? We just had ours hauled off today because it's a piece of junk and repair man said it could be a couple of weeks before part arrives. That won't work here.

Upper Edmonton, England, United Kingdom #212978

Same story here. Bought a washer from home depot 60 days ago and it is not working.

Repair people have been here 2x and cannot seem to fix it. They ordered another part last time and it is on backorder. They said the part has not been working directly off the line.

Nice, Maytag is knowingly selling a product that is *** and can't be fixed. Never again will I buy something from home depot or maytag.

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