After much deliberation I purchased a Maytag washing machine from CostCo. I did some research about Maytag and was left with the impression that they were a reliable brand. I also consider CostCo to be synonymous with quality so I figured it would be a safe buy. However, here is my experience...

Right from the word go I've had problems with the machine. After using the machine for only a few weeks an error code was displayed stating that I couldn't run any washing programs because the machine had not drained all the water away. The end result is that I've had to drain the machine down manually about once a month for the whole time I had it.

But, more recently the machine has started to make a really loud noise when it was spinning. I checked my warranty and discovered that the machine had just lapsed out of warranty, which had been two years. To save costs I contacted a local company who came out free of charge and had a look at the machine. The guy said that basically the machine is identical to a Whirlpool machine and that to repair the machine would require a replacement drum unit and would cost over £200 just for parts. He suggested getting a new machine. He also suggested contacting Maytag to see if they would be willing to do anything about the situation given that the machine was recently out of warranty.

So, I called Maytag. To cut a long story short they were not willing to do anything. They wouldn't even wave the call-out charge of £150. So if I wanted to proceed I would have to pay £150, plus at least £200 for parts and then god knows how much for labor.

A no brainer as far as I was concerned. So the machine will be left outside for the scrap man and I will be buying a more reliable brand such as Hoover or HotPoint.

The moral of the story. NEVER EVER BUY MAYTAG.

Hope you find that helpful.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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