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The dark clothes, especially, have a *** in streaks on them. I have to wash it off by rubbing with a wet terry cloth.

I have read the manual carefully. I use a small amount of the right detergent, separate darks and lights, etc. I've done the machine cleaning cycle, which uses a huge amount of water. I've been washing clothes for 60 years and I have never seen such a mess. The clothes are unwearable.

The repairman sent by maytag said it will come off in the dryer. This is ridiculous. I don't put silk shirts in the dryer and this would not come off. It's not lint, it's ***. It really bugs me that he thinks the dryer should clean the clothes.

The washer does leave a lot of lint and hair on the clothes. It has no lint catcher; this is such a poorly designed washing machine Home Depot should take this thing back and stop selling maytag or whirlpool. The clothes come out of the machine more dirty than when they went in.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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