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I have had very bad luck with the Maytag top load washer Model MVWB835DW purchased only 8 months ago. After 3 service calls, they replaced the instrument panel.

motor, and sprocket/spinner and it still won't work. None of the commands work on the instrument panel; it shuts down spontaneously. It goes from sensing to 'done' or changes to another wash command. On-board computer 'customer interface' panel is totally not working.

Even though the repairman has been to my house THREE times (which qualifies as a lemon) the Maytag service rep claims it is only 2 visits. Maytag used to be good but I would never buy another. High time they replced mine with a new one or refund my money. Very inconvenient as service calls are spaced out 10-12 days apart!

My advice? Don't buy Maytag.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Replace this lemon with another washing machine.

Maytag Cons: Long delay between service calls and did not solve problem.

  • Maytag Top Load Lemon
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Dear EncouragingSunBear: Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear of your Washer concerns.

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