Bought a Maytag washer and dryer after owning a Maytag Washer for 25+ years and a dryer for the last 10 or so years. New dryer is FANTASTIC!!

The washer on the other hand has so many sensors in it that it stops every time I try to run it. OK, I admit that's an exaggeration. It actually stops about 2 out of 3 times. Couldn't get the simpler version of the washer I wanted, so had to go with the next model up.

There is a web page they have where you look up the Error Code that the display shows. Here are some of my favorite codes. F007- this one is great! It means that your shirt has killed your pants and the pants are bleeding out, so you need to remove all the clothes in the washer and toss them on the floor because there is nowhere else to put them.

This includes any bleach that has leaked out and is currently in contact with your carpet, lightening it up just the pattern you didn't even know you wanted it whether you actually wanted it or not. Next Code, F0A8, another interesting code!! This one is a sensor in the machine has detected that the predicted temperature of the city halfway around the world is off by 1 degree from what the weatherman said it would be. And due to this earth-shattering anomaly your clothes will not come out as clean as they could if the temperature 1/2 way around the world was predicted more accurately.

The fix, remove all the clothes from the washer and put them on the floor until the temperature is correct 1/2 way around the world. Another one is F018. This one means that the left sock is dirtier than the right sock and washing them together will mean that the left sock will not come out as clean as the right sock so you have to remove all the clothes from the washer then add one item. Run the washer and sit through 3 or 4 minutes of sensors determining if the clothes item will meet all the sensors needed.

After that, you stop the washer, add the 2nd item of clothing and then run the washer. 3-4 mins go by, met all sensor needs, stop washer, add 3rd item. etc...etc...etc...etc. I went from putting clothes in a washer and pushing a button to putting clothes in a washer, pushing a button, then pushing another button, and hoping it works.

When it doesn't, you have to remove all your clothes, start over, try a few items, then hope some more. Try a few more items, Hope some more. ETC...ETC.. ETC...

For the Maytag rep's; I figured it was me. Re-read the manual a few times, tried your fixes you posted for others on the website, then gave it 6 months figuring it was me and a learning curve. I was right. It is not me.

It's a washing machine. I do not want or expect it to also determine what the dirt on my clothes is, what that weird orange spot is or what that awful smell is. I want to put in dirty clothes, some soap, and push a button to make it all get clean.

THATS ALL. I'm guessing there is a reason I could not buy the model I wanted and that reason is NO ONE WANTS THE WASHER THAT NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT PHASE THE MOON MOON WILL BE IN 230 YEARS YEARS FROMTiTi

User's recommendation: Fancy just means head aches. Buy Simple and buy another brand.

Location: Attleboro, Massachusetts

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