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a member of your staff came to my house, 2 hours after his scheduled time to be there, and looked at my maytag washer that has stopped working on me 3 times in 1 year(3 times!!!. The 1st time I called they told me that the part had been on back order and would take a week or two to come in.

I called the maytag center and had the part shipped right away. The next time it broke, they came out and fixed it right away, after an intense conversation with the maytag roper hotline!!!

The 3rd time a&e came to my house, they had no record of ever servicing my washer or coming to my house!!!! whaat the *** are ya'll doing over there!!!!!?????

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #201285

You can't spell the word "two", and when writing a letter it should be spelled out. You don't use proper punctuation and you are calling them idiots.

What is a grade a first grader can spell and you spelled it wrong. I wonder who the real "***" is.

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