Regarding Maytag Double Wall Oven MEW7627AS.All my appliances have been Maytag so I just called Lowes and ordered a new double wall oven in my price range.

It was Maytag so I knew it would be great. WRONG!!! As soon as it was installed we turned it on and the fans in the oven came on and oh my gosh! This is a very large kitchen 1k sq.

ft. and we could not hear the TV at the other end of the room. Unbelievable! So I called Maytag.

The service man and I got into a screaming fight on the phone until he said "Lady if you turn off the fan the oven will MELT!. That's right, that is what he said. THE OVEN WOULD MELT. I hung up and went to look at the oven.

I had taken down a wall to take out the old oven and install the new one so one wall beside the oven was not there. The metal walls of this oven were from 1/4" to 1/2" thick. No wonder. It all made sense then.

The oven will melt if you turn off that obscenely loud oven FAN.

The walls were very thin with little or no insulation.I returned the oven to Lowes the next day and bought a good and different brand oven that was quiet and only a couple hundred more.

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