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Have a Maytag MAH8700AWW Front loading washer and need the owner's manual. Maytag has discontinued the manual.

How is this possible and is there anywhere it is available. Seems really a *** move by Maytag/ The lights on the various control options work and the drain pump seems to kick in but nothing happens and the washer continues to hold water. Does this sound like a serious condition or is a simple one such as drain hose plugged or excessive detergent clogging up something. Always had a top loader and just received this in exchange for labor, painting etc.

Not sure when it was purchased but it has to be fairly new but NO manual available at this point and I am trying to avoid having to call a repair man.

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super easy to check the pump and clear it or replace it. I have had to get money out of the pump and have also had to replace it.

new pump will be aorund $100. YOU DO NOT NEED A REPAIRMAN FOR THIS. *** the back and the pump is on the left side- two hoses, four bolts and the wiring harness. empty as much water out of the drum with a shop vac as you can.

Take out the wet clothes and use a shop vac to suck the rest of the water out of the drum through the drain line. If the pump is burned out and not clogged you can probably get it to drain into a bucket for some of it just by lowering the drain hose. Just be prepared for water. Don't forget to unplug the washer.

I have had to replace my pump twice and clear it 2 or 3 other time. Teenage boys who do launry but not check their pockets!

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