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I am so pissed for lack of better word ! we bought a brand new Maytag because we wanted a machine we could depend on omg were we WRONG ! THE MACHINE WON'T WASH MY CLOTHES WON'T CLEAN THEM ! NOW IT SHUTS OF AFTER A MINUTE OR TWO BEING ON ! SO I CALLED OVER TWO WEEKS AGO PROMISED A TECH ON TUESDAY 3/13/2018

AND THEN ONE ON TODAY THURSDAY 3/15/2018 the no call no show professionals and Maytag just passes the buck !

never again buy a product from this company ! I will make sure the products I purchase do not belong to this company !

the tech today was 12-4 which I was ok with but HE DID NOT show up at first and did not pick up his calls ! he did finally get here ABOUT ( 5.30 ) (HE COULD HAVE JUST CALLED SAID HE WAS LATE )after I called in and got very upset with Maytag supervisor Eric at ext. 7939 which is who I was sent to from Tasha cause she was like next Tuesday and I was like nope and she was like that's what we got and I was like no ! supervisor needed and no I was not nice about it! I was nice with Wendy on Tuesday because once is a mistake more then that is just not caring !!!! also I asked for a number to the ceo's office as well as just a corp number was not given one told I could not get one gave me a address which we all know they figure is useless cause by the time you pin a letter hopefully its fixed and forgotten ! WELL MY MACHINE IS STILL BROKEN THE PART HE REPLACED DID NOT WORK ! I NOW HAVE WET DIRTY CLOTHES IN THE MACHINE AND AGAIN A TECH WHO WONT PICK UP HIS PHONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Maytag Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Maytag Pros: Thought of all new appliances.

Maytag Cons: Poor quality of the product.

  • Washing Machine
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Hi blhope66, we're truly sorry to learn of your concerns and experiences. Please don't hesitate to reach back out to us for any additional questions or concerns.


The tech Walter came back finally and hopefully corrected the issueI am still upset with the unpleasant situation and Maytag not handling the situation in a professional way .And to be honest Walter the matrix repair guy seems nice but maybe a little overwhelmed. And he should have text or called sooner