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I purchased not one but two maytag/whirlpool top loader washer machines and the matching dryers. After constantly finding holes and tears in our clothing and realizing that the washer machine was the culprit.

I then contacted Maytag/Whirlpool and they tried to say that it was the fault of the operator, that I must be loading the machine wrong, I insisted that I had read the owners manual and was aware of the proper loading procedure. I was then contacted by Matthew Ganus the following day, from Maytag, and was told that they have multiple customers with similar cases of stretching, ripping, or not cleaning clothing; If this is the case why have these machines not been recalled? He said the reason for the ruined clothing was due to the washer either being over loaded or loaded wrong, that it should only have maximum of 7-8 items of clothing. Once again I explained that I was aware of how to load the washer machine.

He then advised me to put the load on bulky which I have done in the past and I informed him that all it does is knot my clothing. He provided me with his email to send photos of the destroyed clothing so that he could take it to his boss. I will send the photos but unfortunately, I have lost all faith in this company. He told me that since I am one month past my warranty the best that he could do right now would be to possibly give me a discount on a new washer, are you kidding me.

I spent around $4000 for both sets and now they're asking me to purchase another one of their machines, NEVER AGAIN. I guess we will see what his boss says.

It would be nice if they could at least pay me for every item of clothing that their machine has ruined. I will be writing a letter to corporate, if anyone else has any complaints you can find the address as well as the CEO's name below:Jeff Fettig553 Benson RdBenton Harbor, MI 49022Also, twitter and Facebook are great ways of being heard!!!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I have the same problem.Now I’m collecting my evidences.


I bought a Bravo MCT Maytag and it destroys my clothes as well. I am on a fixed income and can't afford a new one my warranty has ran out.

I gave 530.00 for my washing machine. I have always bought Maytag but never again and I feel as if I am stuck with mine. I bought it 16 months ago and hardly ever use it. I went back to my old one because all my T-shirts have holes in them.

The machine spins so hard that they get stuck in the holes and some of the clothes are o twisted they are stretched.

I have gone by the manual and tried all the cycles. It is just awful.


Just spent 15 minutes bending over the washer and trying to extricate a sheet that got sucked down into the wash drum. Yes, it is now full of holes.

This is a new commercial technology top loading washer just purchased 7 months ago. Yes, I am almost 60 years old and know how to follow directions and load a dang washer!


I have the same exact problem. Maytag washer destroys my clothes.

Mostly towels. It has rust all around the bleach port. It is around 2 years old. I will never buy Maytag products again period.

You hear that Maytag?

I paid hard earned money for junk. Never again


I have to totally agree. My washing machine has so many of my clothes - if i added the costs of my clothes I could have bought two washing machines by now.

Not happy with my Maytag Bravo and do not recommend the high energy efficient washing machines.

I have tried most washing cycles and have varied the amount of clothes in loads. Do not know what the problem is but this is getting expensive!


I selected a Maytag set for my parents because they where moving across the nation and did not want to move their old ones. I researched extensively different washers and dryers but despite that ended up with a washer that eats bedding.

My parents are being told it is user error also and that just not true, we are talking about one top sheet, one bottom sheet, and two pillow cases. It has eaten sheets now a couple of times. I do work for a retailer that sells appliances and I worked in the Appliance Dept. at one point for many years and I have resolved many issues with different manufactures.

My best experiences of getting things resolved has always been with Maytag/Whirlpool, I hope this will be the case this time. Maytag keeps wanting to sending out a repair company That is dishonest to my parents Home, so beware. The repair company is making claims that it not covered by warranty(when I call Maytag they say it is covered), and that the washer only has a 6 month warranty( all appliances have at least 1 year that I have ever seen).

It is important to know most manufacturers have a no lemon clause, so that means do not drag your feet and have the repair man come out each time the washer drags clothes under the agitator otherwise your one year warranty will be up before you know it. This solely my opinion from my experiences and not necessarily the opinion of my unnamed employer.


I have the same problem. I can't keep a towel without rips in it or washcloths.

I just had to buy more.Maybe Maytag is in partners with department stores for additional buying of towels and washcloths.The new ones will probably last a few weeks before they start to fall apart. Maytag could care less.

I also havea washer and dryer, Maytag and also a frig. Never again.Pat Carlson


I have been having the same problem. Mostly towels get torn up or holes in them but also a problem that the clothes do not get clean.

What a piece of crap and I regret buying Maytag. Never again.


I am having the same issue and am ready to take a hammer to the washing machine! Since day 1, it has been ruining my towels and clothing!.

I contacted Whirlpool several times. They sent the repair person out twice. Replaced the washer with the SAME washer and SAME problem is happening. Sent the repair person out again.

I have called several more times and they have closed the case with the label "operator error". I am BEYOND frustrated.

I would NEVER EVER purchase a MAYTAG or WHIRLPOOL appliance ever again!!!! I would NOT recommend this washer or anything else from them!


Mine tears up my towels. All of my towels have huge holes in them.


We are experiencing the same, holes in our t-shirts, some pants and bed sheets. I found in my research that GE customers experienced the same issue and the engineer established that the boot is causing the the clothes to rip (the "boot" is the large rubber gasket at the opening of the washer) and the new boot on the washer covers a ring of plastic just on the outside of the metal drum (the plastic rim remains stationary while the metal drum spins - this is the cause of the ripped clothing) - the old boot left this plastic ring exposed.As an alternate plan, to avoid buying a new washer, since Maytag is not offering assistance is: buy 2 large mesh or polyester fabric laundry bags, like the college kids bring home.

Evenly place wash in the two bags, so they weigh about the same. Pplace in the washer--and no more rips. This also prevents unbalanced loads.

The clothes come out just as clean. Fix cost about $15!!


Mine does the same. Had it for 5 years and I hate it. Constant problems with it..


I share your pain, purchased a Maytag front load... Piece of crap.

Every other load is tearing holes in our clothing. I had an LG washer before this one and parts kept breaking that balance the drum finally yielding a flood from a split pump.. my guess would be from the vibration...

and No we do not ever overload the machines.Thinking about going back to a top load.. last one lasted 17 years


I had the same problem you did. I found a solution that I am praying will work for you.

I decided to change my settings to the following and I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did my clothes not get torn up, I was able to keep ALL my loads at this setting regardless of the weight of my load. I DID make sure that I kept the majority of the clothes of each load to stay similar in weight, such as all blue jeans, for example so the machine would not go off balance.

The following is what I put my washer settings on: heavy soil, and HAND WASH. Hope it goes well!


Awful washer. Has put tears & holes in all of my kitchen & bath towels.

Pulls & overstretches clothes that are made of stretchy materials like athletic gear and undergarments. Totally ruined a couple of vintage garments. Doesn't get clothes clean. Doesn't rinse out the soap.

The worst product I have ever encountered. The worst customer service since they won't take it back! Like i have$500+ dollars to waste!

Speed queen all the way from here on out. Like a previous poster said, total SCAM!



7 sets of trousers, shirts, sheets. It eats them all; won’t drain water on Nirmal cycle, MAYTAG IS AN EMBARASSMENT. NEVER BUY MAYTAG IR WHIRLPOOL - SAME COMPANY. LOWES DOES NOTHING.



Wish I had seen this before I purchased my washer and dryer last week. The very first load I did I noticed a pair of sweatpants was shredded at the top but just kind of thought maybe I hadn't noticed it before and continued to do laundry. I just got done washing my mattress pad which was the only thing in the washer and it shredded it, super pissed off!


Yes!!! I have the same problem with my Maytag Bravos and I was also offered a discount on a new washer.

I paid $700 for the washer, $1400 for the set. There were offering for me to pay another $700 for another washer.

What I learned: do your research and ALWAYS pay for the warranty. I will now ONLY buy at a knowledgeable appliance store where they steer you towards the washers without complaints!!



It seems I have made a mistake purchasing a Maytag Centenial this year (2017). My wife is careful not to overload due to the machine not cleaning the clothes and getting all the soap out.

The Maytag beast has also ripped a couple of shirt sleeves. Depressing to see so many others are having the issue.



I have just bought the Maytag washer in February 2017, and it is destroying clothes. now I see that this is a common problem.

Have any had the same problem ?

why aren't they recalling the machine and why are they still selling it in its condition ? why haven't they found a solution for this problem ?!

This is really upseting !


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