Maytag new Bravo MVWB850WQ series washers do save water. So much water is saved that your clothes are agitated in soap with very little water.

Results: Dirty, Soapy feeling clothes. After contacting their customer service department I was told that this is the way it is supposed to work, new technology. The new Intellefill system senses the volume of clothes in the washer and uses very little water used saving the world. So if you need to wash the same clothes 2 or 3 times to get them clean and soap free.

Is this saving water?

The same load on different cycles also has different water levels which make me ask why does not the Intellefill sensor fill the same level with the same load? Ripoff in marketing, sounds great works terrible.

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Absolutely agree. I have to add a lot of water or the clothes laying on top would never get washed.

They'd just sit there while the clothes on the bottom are wrapped around the little worthless agitator.

Can't wait to get rid of this washer, as it came with the house. Truly incompetent engineering on Maytag's part.


I have the same problem. I purchased my Maytag top-loader last December and have noticed my husbands white t-shirts are getting more and more gray! I wouldn't recommend this washer.


A Homer bucket and a long wooden spoon would be better than my Maytag Bravos. Same problems as everyone else here. Cannot use any amount of bleach on whites because even with a second rinse clothes smell of bleach so bad we cannot wear them.


I have same issue, clothe come out dirty, some clothe don't even get wet, Is theee anyway I can return it for another one


I couldn't be any unhappier with this lemon of a washing machine (Bravos XL). My clothes come out dirtier than they went in. I've only had the machine for 3 weeks and am going to insist on a return and full refund.


Clothes do not come out clean and stains don't come out at all. Example: I rinsed my husbands nasty work pants then put them through a deep water cycle.

When I took them out if washer one pair still had dirt laying on them. Dirt that I could pick up with my fingers.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #1290969

Is there a CLASS ACTION Lawsuit to help us little guys fight the corporate giant Maytag for FAIRNESS.

This washer MVWB835DW totally SUCKS !!!

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1264476

i am having the same problem. I feel as if my clothes are coming out dirty and sometimes no even getting wet in spots.

I am looking into taking it back for an exchange. a washer with a real agitator and a drum that really has water in it while washing my clothes.

Panama City, Florida, United States #1253700

You have to wash less clothes which means more loads which means more water???? Same *** different load!!!!

Los Angeles, California, United States #1171690

the cloths on the top comes out dry and still dirty and wet cloths on the bottom,worse decision ever.Instead of saving water I'm using more water.I would never recommend this washer !


You would think the great and wonderful consumer protection agency would do something about the maytag false advertising about wonderful washer that is only good at holding the floor down.This would be a good candidate for engineering disasters.


We just bought one of these P.O.S's, My daughter has severe allergies and this washer does not use enough water to rinse the soap or allergens out. How is this environmentally friendly when you have to wash them 2-3 times?

I have used different cycles and nothing I am so disappointed. It put holes in my sweaters and shredded my best jacket!

I also cannot wash blankets or anything bulky because there IS NO WATER! I want my money back!


I'm having the same issue! My dark clothes come out out of the wash with white detergent marks. I have tried using the Extra Rinse feature which helps, but doesn't solve the problem completely.


Anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit filed on these maytag bravo washers?


AGREE with you all. This washer SUCKS!!!!

I hate the fact i spent hard earned money on it. Saving nothing. Water bill never changed. Clothes are dirty.

Wash 2-3 times and still feel dirty.

If I wanted to spend time washing everything by hand to get clean I would have saved my money and bought a washboard and a scrub brush. THANKS MAYTAG FOR THE RIP OFF!!!


This washer is horrible. Clothes have to be washed 3 times and they are still stained and dirty.

Never again. I wanted a Maytag all my life and it is the worst washer I have ever owned.

No water little agitation ....dirty clothes. Customer service said they have not heard this about this machine...really?

Englewood, Colorado, United States #698804

guys and gals--i submitted an enquiry inre

a class action lawsuit on the topic of these high efficiency washers NOT WASHING and destroying items etc.

maybe you can too ??


or find another legal group and submit the request ???

to rita Grand Prairie, Texas, United States #718405

Hello rita let me know how that is going. I am gathering information.

on the Maytag Bravos X Washing Machine. My clothes don't get clean and customer service is basically saying its not their fault. They have a product on the market that does not clean clothes and is destroying them as well.

That is not what I wanted when I bought this piece of junk. The only way to get water is to use the bulk cycle but that defeats the purpose bulk uses far more water than a regular non He machine...smh

Englewood, Colorado, United States #698787

not ONE of these bs high efficiency machines SAVE WATER OR ELECTRIC as you MUST either do a ""deep wash"" which takes forever



and you better be believing THAT ALL MANUFACTURERS KNOW that theeeee consumers ARE FED UP WITH THIS BS.

so WHY DON'T THEY return to BASICS ???

and gawdforbid IT COULD LAST 10-15 years.

any wonder these machines CAN'T LAST ?

when there's not ENOUGH WATER,the bearings etc are gonna go and GO QUICKLY.


:( I agree I hate this washer, I have to wash my clothes at least 3 times to get them half way clean, do not see how it is saving water if we have to run the clothes through multiple times. Most of the time the clothes on top are still dry no matter how big of a load I put in the washer.

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