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Maytag new Bravo MVWB850WQ series washers do save water. So much water is saved that your clothes are agitated in soap with very little water.

Results: Dirty, Soapy feeling clothes. After contacting their customer service department I was told that this is the way it is supposed to work, new technology. The new Intellefill system senses the volume of clothes in the washer and uses very little water used saving the world. So if you need to wash the same clothes 2 or 3 times to get them clean and soap free.

Is this saving water?

The same load on different cycles also has different water levels which make me ask why does not the Intellefill sensor fill the same level with the same load? Ripoff in marketing, sounds great works terrible.

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I have the same problem with my Maytag XL, not enough water to clean clothes, and on the dryer I have to use the timed setting to dry my clothes. I really think Maytag should give people the option of a partial refund to trade them in, we are older and on a fixed income we cannot afford to run out and buy another set, not happy in Kentucky .


What am I supposed to do with this worthless washing machine? Looks pretty, does not clean cloths, I guess I plant flowers in it!

Maytag better give their customers some sort of credit for these washing machines! Will never buy their product again. I think We should sue for the cost of the machine !

Everyone is in the same position with these , they do not clean. Tell your overpriced engineers to go back to the drawing board!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have the same problem the maytag bravo washer sucks and does not clean anything that has dirt or stains on it even simple stains that are pretreated and scrubbed



HATE! my Maytag Bravo XL.

Customer service is bad. Product is complete junk and waste of money, Washing with a rock and hose is better and less time!


Very upset with my Maytag Bravos. Had some muddy jeans from getting a car stuck, still have mud splatter on them after 4 washes.

Work in a hospital so it makes me wonder what's still on my work clothes. It's sad cause Maytag was such a great brand growing up.


I can’t get clean jeans after getting them muddy from working in the yard. I expected their flagship, most expensive washer to work better than anything else.

Obviously not the case for me and MANY other people..... disappointing after giving up my LG and trying to buy American


In our 50 plus years of washing clothes our Maytag Bravo top loader has been the worst performing wash machine we have owned. It has wonderful features, saves on water and looks great.

However, the purpose of a wash machine is to clean clothes. That it does not do. Most often our clothes aren't even wet after they have gone through the complete wash cycle. Soap does not get rinsed out leaving unsightly residue on dark clothes.

We will be replacing it soon with another brand.

We hope a dealer will take this off our hands so we don't have to pay to dispose of it. It still runs good and we could probably sell it on craigslist but we do not wish our bad luck on anyone else.


Absolutely agree. I have to add a lot of water or the clothes laying on top would never get washed.

They'd just sit there while the clothes on the bottom are wrapped around the little worthless agitator.

Can't wait to get rid of this washer, as it came with the house. Truly incompetent engineering on Maytag's part.


I have the same problem. I purchased my Maytag top-loader last December and have noticed my husbands white t-shirts are getting more and more gray! I wouldn't recommend this washer.


A Homer bucket and a long wooden spoon would be better than my Maytag Bravos. Same problems as everyone else here. Cannot use any amount of bleach on whites because even with a second rinse clothes smell of bleach so bad we cannot wear them.


I have same issue, clothe come out dirty, some clothe don't even get wet, Is theee anyway I can return it for another one


I couldn't be any unhappier with this lemon of a washing machine (Bravos XL). My clothes come out dirtier than they went in. I've only had the machine for 3 weeks and am going to insist on a return and full refund.


Clothes do not come out clean and stains don't come out at all. Example: I rinsed my husbands nasty work pants then put them through a deep water cycle.

When I took them out if washer one pair still had dirt laying on them. Dirt that I could pick up with my fingers.


Is there a CLASS ACTION Lawsuit to help us little guys fight the corporate giant Maytag for FAIRNESS.

This washer MVWB835DW totally SUCKS !!!


I agree! The company acts like you are crazy when you call them and offer to send out a technician...

so stupid! The tech is just going to say that it works as it is designed! The thing isn't broken, it's just a design nightmare. Barely even gets the clothes wet!

I can't believe they are still selling this design! I will never buy a Maytag again, even if they improve the design because I am so mad about wasting money on this LEMON!!


I am not happy with my Maytag Bravo's XL. I have a disabled son who requires alot of laundry to be done.

Our issue is worse than dirt believe me, altho my husband's dirty clothes from working on his Pete motor doesn't come clean either!! We paid alot of money for this now stuck with washer that doesn't clean!


i am having the same problem. I feel as if my clothes are coming out dirty and sometimes no even getting wet in spots.

I am looking into taking it back for an exchange. a washer with a real agitator and a drum that really has water in it while washing my clothes.


You have to wash less clothes which means more loads which means more water???? Same *** different load!!!!


the cloths on the top comes out dry and still dirty and wet cloths on the bottom,worse decision ever.Instead of saving water I'm using more water.I would never recommend this washer !


You would think the great and wonderful consumer protection agency would do something about the maytag false advertising about wonderful washer that is only good at holding the floor down.This would be a good candidate for engineering disasters.