Maytag M1txemmww Refrigerator Reviews

" So we consulted our warranty and lo and behold our very model was excluded from their limited 10 year compressor warranty, a fact that had I understood at the time would have kept me from buying the *** thing. A beautiful new looking refrigerator that is essentially junk. Over $800 in the wind. The upshot to all this? The crappy old dented and filthy fridge that was left here by previous owners when we moved in, we gave to my sister for storing eggs in her shed and it's still running. Thanks Maytag but no thanks. Never, ever again will we buy another Maytag...
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I liked
  • Will not recommend this brand to anyone
  • Fridge and cabinet were fairly sturdy
I didn't like
  • Dont stant behind their product
  • It failed so soon