Toronto, Ontario

Three years ago I purchased a Maytag MFW9600SQ1 Front load washer, along a Maytag refrigerator and gas dryer. In Canada this washer cost $1243 including taxes. I was told by the dealer that this machine was one of Maytag's better products. This washer does approx 3 loads per week (for two people) and the tub bearing is prematurely failing.

On checking the internet and with a used appliance dealer, I have found that premature bearing failure is a fairly common problem for Maytag front load washing machines. It appears that they do not use sealed bearings.

The bearing is an integral part of of the rear tub assembly and costs $550 in Canada, $350 int the US. With labor the cost of repairs is basically the cost of a new machine. A $20 bearing replacement is not an option.

Though the machine is past its 1 year warranty I contacted Maytag to see if they could help in any way. A goodwill gesture on their part could go a long way towards customer loyalty and positive word of mouth advertising. I was basically told to pound salt.

Maytag's own website states that "We know that you depend on your appliances to get the job done day in and day out. That's why we use durable and long-lasting parts in our machines...All to give you confidence that your Maytag appliance will last year after year". What a load of ***.

These front load washing machines have a lot of plastic and light duty parts in them. They are heavy only because of the concrete counterweights in them.

Our previous washer was a Kenmore top loader (made by the old Inglis manufacturing)and gave us 22 years of trouble-free service. It was built like a tank. 3 years out of a Maytag?? Come on!!

I will never again purchase any Maytag or Whirlpool products and would recommend that potential customers buy from another manufacturer.

Stay away from Maytag/Whirlpool products. They do not last. Please share this with anyone you know that is shopping for appliances.

Chris in Drumbo Ontario, Canada.

Monetary Loss: $1243.

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What ever happened to the appliances our parents had when we were kids i dont recall mine buying new ones when i was growing up. Its the companys they build *** knowing damn well you will buy another piece of plastic china *** China takes the money from selling their plastic *** and buys up U.S.

debt with it. We have to end this problem of buying their little trinkets with flashing lights b4 iys too late


I agree i bought all whirlpool gold series when i bought my house 14 years ago and replaced both the washer and dryer within 6 or 7 years, and have replaced many parts on their fridge and oven range. Dishwasher and microwave also been replaced because they broke. I have a maytag 2000 washer freakin nightmare But alot of these brands are the same other than name and a few options they change the look too i know people who build these at general electric


I have one and it is the biggest expensive turd I've ever owned!


I had the same experience with a Maytag and a Whirlpool washer. The bearing failed after two years on the Maytag and three years

on the Whirlpool.


I have the same *** washer Its a piece of *** 2 years in we had to replace the computer. A year later now the f**kn bearings.

Don't they make anything last anymore.

Feed the 1% and *** the rest I guess. So done


Bought a Maytag front load washer and gas dryer 6 years ago. Bearing failure in the washer 3 years ago, and machine replaced at my expense due to cost of repair.

Today the dryer bearings failed.

I will never buy another Maytag or Whirlpool product again, and this is the first step to telling 100 more consumers.


I have mfw 9700 series front load washer. Only 2 of us, not used hard, bearing failure at 8 years.

If you have even meager mechanical ability and a couple of hours you can make the repairs. You tube video will take you step by step. Order bearing set and seal online. You will also need a new tub gasket as well, also online.

Cost of parts $50. It's interesting they can build automobile wheel bearings that will go over 100k miles. These bearings are operating under the same stresses and fail prematurely.

Does cheap bearings come to mind? Time for Maytag to step up and start making products that live up to their OLD reputation.


We are there with you, got two years out of ours which involved 3 service calls and the bearing was replaced in May under warranty. It is now December and I am headed out to buy a different washer because the repair is sox 1,000 dollars without the warranty and I will never buy A Maytag again


The problem is if you have the bearings and seal replaced they will fail again in a few months.


We've had our Maytag front loader for only about 6 or 7 years and now are experiencing the same problem. Cost to repair is the same as to replace.

Also the Kenmore that this washer replaced was 20+ years old. We too will avoid Maytag/Whirlpool.


I have this machine. Washer just died.

Told me it would be $700 to fix it.

Needs a motor and control panel. Not happening.


My Maytag is just past two years old and has minimal usage, yet it is having bearing failure! Good thing for me I have a mechanically inclined partner and after market kit you can buy online to repair this affordably.

I'm sure not happy having to do it so soon.

It's the first new machine I've owned and it's already needed repairs twice. Major thumbs down from me to Maytag.


Same as the rest 2 years with the 2000 series and bearings and seal all shot to cap. Maytag states only motor and drum are warranty covered. Will never buy again.


I bought a front load Maytag 2000 seties in March 2012 at Home Depot and also made the extended warranty. This washer broke and although I had bought the extended warranty the company hired by Home Depot - refrigeration and Appliance service center did not repair it.

First they said it was the computer of the washer and ordered the part, then another Technician came to put the part, but still the washer did not work, this second tech said it was the demo drive.... It has been over a month that I put a call to Home Depot to claim about the washer and still the washer is not working nor have they replaced the washer.

I have to say that the employees with customer service did take my complaints and seemed willing to help, nevertheless I am still without answers and the washer still not repaired or replaced. My question is: Why do they suggest customers to buy extended warranties when we need help, they do not honor the contracts? They call you and promise to take care but nothing happens!

I even emailed the Ceo of Home Depot Mr. Craig Menear, but nothing happened...


I am having a very similar experience... with the only exception being I have a top loading Maytag.

Mine is about 5 years old. I have done a lot of research and have come to the conclusion that HE machines break within the first year and are completely useless within the first five. They are not designed for long term use.

I'm in limbo right now as to what to do, but I expect they will try and get out of paying what the warranty covers or come up with some kind of excuse as to why they can't pay. I'm done with Maytag.


I brought maytag 2000 series washer couple years back and bearings are failing. As my previous washer, which lasted 10+ years had failed Maytag purchase was done in rush and when the noise was problem did some research only to find it was problem with Maytag machines. I will also never purchase another Maytag machine and suggestion people research wisely before buying.


Purchased a Maytag Washer (5000 series with Steam) - 2.5 years in, Main Bearings have failed. I will think twice about ever buying from this brand again.


Chinese engineering at it's finest!


This is appalling. Is there a class action planned?

Paid already half the cost of a new one to be told it would cost twice the cost of a new one to repair the bearing...and I gave up a 20year old machine to buy one that died *just* after the one year warranty expired. What kind of scam and not a washing machine at all. Seriously- when this thing was on the whole house was shaking.

It sounds like a jet taking off. Who allowed this thing to be sold?


Exact same situation, mine lasted 3 years as well!!!