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In 2011 we purchased a Maytag 9000 series washer and dryer set from Lowes. With in 9 months the washing machine had gotten so loud during the spin cycle that we could not carry on a conversation on the other side of the house.

We called Maytag and were given the name of 1 local rapair person who could come and look at it. We were informed that the bearings were going out and that it would cost about $1200 and take up to a month to repair. The repair person also informed us that the friction could cause a fire. We contacted maytag back with the news.

At that point were told to drive to our closest Lowes, which, due to the fact that they shut down our local store, was now 175 miles drive one way, to pick up a replacement washer. We were told they didn't want the old one back. Not worth repairing. Less then a year later our "new" washer was doing the same thing.

We have now been fighting with Lowes for the last several weeks to get our money back on an obviously dangerous, defective product. Come to find out, after speaking to our sons daycare provider, she has had the same issues with her Maytag 9000 series washer.

Be very careful if your washer starts getting progressivly louder and louder, contact Maytag it is a fire hazard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Maytag Washing Machine.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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Just quoted $1083 for repair - 5 1/2 years old! Sucks!


Same with us. Newish Magtag 9000 washer.

I thought Maytag was supposed to be a good manufacturer.

Also I was quoted $1200 for the repair and advised by the repair person to spend my money on a new and different washer.


We bought a Maytag Series 9000 washer and dryer pair in approximately 2009. I guess we were pretty lucky that the washer (Model number MHWE900VJ00) lasted as long as it did.

Last year (2015) the bearings on the spin drum shaft went out and wouldn't you know, Maytag doesn't sell the bearings for that model. After doing a lot of web surfing for the bearings, I found them at www.yellowvanhandyman.com for $79.99. YellowVanHandyman also has videos on how to replace the bearings if you're mechanically inclined. Anyway, after a couple months, the drum started to rattle again during the high speed spin.

So I ordered another set of bearings and seal. When I took the washer apart, I realized the bearings weren't bad but the shaft on the drum had worn from the first set of bad bearings so the new inner bearing (larger of the two) would not fit tight on the shaft. So, I ordered a new drum (Maytag part number WPW10159904) from SearsPartsDirect). The new drum arrived in 5 days and I put the washer back together.

Seems to be fine now. If you are having the same problem and are mechanically inclined and want to try to fix your Maytag front loader, you should be able to get the bearings, seal and drum from Sears or other sources. Make sure you check the shaft surfaces where the bearings ride to see if the drum needs to be replaced. The first time I replaced the bearing and seal, I just tapped the seal in place.

This last time, I used silicon sealant around the outside edge of the seal and let that cure for 24 hours before running the washer.

I went ahead and assembled the washer while the silicon sealant cured but waited to run the washer and expose the seal to soapy water. Good luck.


Hi, first off very sorry you had issues with your washer. I have the same washer and my microcomputer machine control is on the blink....long shot here....you wouldn't happen to still have your busted machine standing around?

I would love to get my hands on the used part W10175770. Thank you:)

to Anonymous #1281686

Did you find a used W10175770?

I need one too. Maytag has discontinued it.


Also bought this washer. Bearings out and also told repair would be $1200-$300(basket covered).

This is totally unacceptable for a 2 year old washer.

Got no help from Nebraska Furniture Mart or Maytag. This washer is a lemon and Maytag should replace it.


I also had the bearing problem with my Maytag washer. I bought a 9000 Series washer in November of 2012.

Our washer eventually started sounding like a jet engine when spinning. It stopped working completely a week ago. I called Maytag, and they convinced me to get a "repair plus one" extended service contract, which they said would definitely cover the repair without any deductibles or other costs and provide an additional year of warranty (I confirmed this with two Maytag representatives before I paid $355). A Maytag authorized repair person was scheduled by Maytag for the next day.

The repair person came when scheduled and knew what the problem was immediately. He told me that there was a manufacturer's defect with the bearings. He said Maytag is aware of the issue and has switched the company that makes bearings for them. The repair person said he sees the bearing problem frequently and it costs approximately $1,000 to repair.

Now I am being told the extended warranty that I just bought may not cover the repair. A week has gone by since the initial service call, but the extended warranty company has still not decided if they will authorize the repair or terminate the extended service contract. If they terminate, I will get the $355 refunded and Maytag has offered to sell me a new washer at a "deep discount" for customer loyalty. Firstly, the price they offered was not great, it would take a week for delivery, and they wanted to charge for delivery.

Beyond that, do they think I want another Maytag?

Maytag's customer service (if you can call it that) is a nightmare. Of the more than ten representatives I spoke with, nine said that they had never heard about bearing problems (seems hard to believe given what the repair person said and given that the bearing problems are listed in numerous complaints on the internet). Moreover, every time I call Maytag I get a different story.

By the way, the customer service line always says that they are experiencing high call volume and you wait for 10-15 minutes. I wonder why...their customers are having problems with their defective appliances.

A washer should last more than three years. A company should not sell a washer that they know is defective. Someone needs to commence a class action lawsuit.

This problem is pervasive, and Maytag is acting like there is no issue.


I had the same bearing problem with my maytag 9000 series washer after two years and conveniently enough that is the one part they do not cover under warranty. 1200$ repair which is more than the washer cost new. I will never buy a maytag product again and strongly encourage others to do the same.


We had the EXACT same problem with our Maytag 9000!! Luckily we had the extended warranty from Lowes so they will replace it.

BUT they do not make that model anymore (thankfully) and no other washers will stack with the Maytag drier we have!!

So even though we are getting a new washer from Lowes, we may have to purchase a new dryer (even thougho ours is only a year old) so it will stack with the new washer. Very maddening.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #693804

I always believed in Maytag. Never again. The noise is unbearable!

I thought I was buying "high end" but got a piece of junk.

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