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Update by user Nov 08, 2019

So I posted pictures of the Maytag washed blanket which clearly shows dirty and stains under black light. I took the same blanket to the laundry matt and posted new pictures showing nice/clean and no stains under black light. You can tell which pictures are which.

Update by user Aug 17, 2019

I was told this machine can wash queen size blankets really good. Ok.

I smeared thin patches of honey on my queen blanket and washed it. Did it all come out. NO, so I washed it again still can see spots. How good dose this machine wash?

I took the blanket in a dark room and shined a black light on it.

I was shocked at all the glowing spots and smears. (see pictures) I bagged that blanket up and its going to a laundry matt to be washed.

Update by user Aug 13, 2019

I started a load of Normal/sensing wash. Its been washing I put it on pause looked inside I see no water just a twisted pants and wet clothes, so I restarted it and waited to hear if more water will go in; NOpe.

It went right into rinse without spinning. You can't tell me these clothes were washed. I had to cancel the cycle; untangle the clothes and put it on Bulky/sheet deep water.

So I'm always going to have use bulk/sheets and deep water in order to use this machine. I may as well go to a coin laundry.

Original review posted by user Aug 10, 2019

I hate this machine.

When we bought this Maytag MVWC565FW1 from ABC Warehouse we were told the only type of machines now are Commercial Technology (you can not choose your water level) the salesmen said we can try it out for a few weeks. well I did.

It can not wash blankets or comforters they just float on top like a big air pillow and each time I look in the machine (I pressed the pause button) nothing changed, so I have to go to a laundry matt for those. This machine is suppose to clean clothes by rubbing things together with little water. My new clothes I just bought for summer which are cotton/blend look like they are five years old. Piling/bumps all over them.

I'll have to take a clothes shaver to them. When I take the clothes out of the dryer they do not smell clean like they use to. I went and put on a pair of shorts that was washed in that machine and there was what look like smudges on them. I had to take a wipe in the car to try to get them out before golf so I wouldn't look like I put on a pair of dirty shorts.

Numerous times I had to cancel the cycle (because there is no changing the cycle) to reset it to the Deep water because I could tell nothing was getting washed with no water in it, but that empties out everything to where I have to start all over even if it is only a half of load. They just want to save water with this auto sensing water level but its not saving anything when I have to empty to restart the cycle and sometimes the deep water is more water than I need. Do these people think we can't figure out how much water we need?

Some things look like its getting washed but I say 80% of the loads I know are not getting clean like the old style machine did.

Now ABC Warehouse is telling me they don't return used washer (They keep asking; did you get the extended warranty?) than what did the sales person mean by; "you can try it" and I would have to say I gave my best effort for the past three weeks with emailing (you) Maytag and all I got was; "you should try this" or "try doing this" which was wasting my time.

I have tried it all. Looks like I'm stuck going to the laundry matt and using only the Bulky/sheets cycle; Deep water for everything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Maytag Washing Machine.

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Laundromat equals laundry matt???


In McAllen, Texas, they call it a "Washateria". I was staying in a No-Tell in McAllen and asked for a Laundromat from several Hispanic people who acted like they didn't know what in the world that I was talking about.

Finally, after acting confused, one Hispanic lady said "Oh, you mean a WASHATERIA!" I found the place and the place didn't sell detergent.

So I asked fellow Hispanic Washateria customers if they would sell me a cup full and they all declined. I went back to my no-tell motel and knocked on the door, and a regular American white guy gave me a scoop of detergent for free, and refused my offer of giving him money for it.

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