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As posted in Pissed Consumer over the past year:

63 views Maytag - Bravos XL Washer - WHY ISN'T THERE A CLAIM ACTION SUIT YET????


Details Update by user Oct 21, 2019

10/21/2019 - NOT Resolved. NO CONTACT from Maytag or anyone else regarding this issue.


Original review posted by user Jun 18, 2019

I purchased Maytag Bravos XL Washer from SEARS August 2017 for over $700 after discounts and price-matching with Best Buy! It has been a nightmare since the first Load! When I purchased all the "reviews" on the Sears Site seemed about like any others - 70% LOVED the product - about 30% HATED it... So who do you believe?

I found out QUICK the HATES HAVE IT! All the complaints I've read on this site (PissedConsumer…) ring true with my nightmare... I've left countless product reviews and EMails with the Sears' site and have gotten absolutely NO REPLY - NO RESOLVE -- Only response was that I CANNOT RETURN the appliance. Also, interestingly, Sears has NOW STOPPED SELLING MAYTAG PROUDCTS all together -- EXCEPT in their LIQUIDATION Store(s)...

1- Clothes do not get wet (I have to add GALLONS OF WATER -which I have to carry from upstairs some 20 stair steps away - just to get the clothes somewhat wet!) -" What an 'Energy Star' Water SAVER!" 2- Clothes come out dingy - dirtier than when they were put into the wash - especially whites & light colors. I'm sure the dark colors are just as "dirtier" but the dark colors can hide some of the dirt! ADD MORE GALLONS OF WATER, SOAP, ETC. - RE-WASH, RE-RINSE, ADD MORE GALLONS OF WATER, SOAP, REPEAT, REPEAT, ETC.

"What an 'Energy Star' Water SAVER!" 3- Clothes STINK and have to be re-washed over and over, rinsed over and over (What n 'Energy Star Water SAVER!"). Between washes, the dirty water becomes trapped between the tub walls, you can hear it splashing around when you jiggle to tub. The longer that water sits, the 'Stinkier' and moldier it becomes! ADD MORE GALLONS OF WATER, SOAP, ETC.

- RE-WASH, RE-RINSE, ADD MORE GALLONS OF WATER, SOAP, REPEAT, REPEAT, ETC. "What an 'Energy Star' Water SAVER!" 4- Washer sets a time for each load, lid locks and you're stuck waiting for these unsuccessful washes to carry through - you can spend six hours trying to clean ONE load - no exaggerating here! The Washer sill set a time of 1 hour 45-minutes for ONE LOAD. You end up having to rewash it 3-4 times to get the clothes partially cleaned - then of course those you put in the dryer are permanently stained with the filth that was left by the washer!

NOTHING WITH THIS MACHINE WORKS! I've tried every setting combination, etc. I'm stuck with this piece of ****! I have NO $$$ to buy a different model and Sears has been NO HELP -other than 'offering a service technician' of course -which requires $$$ - I do NOT have!!!

Kitty01 - Woodstock,GA

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2 comments Kimberly B Kimberly B 7 minutes ago #186****

Update 05/17/2020 > I'm still having to deal with this piece of shII!!! MAYTAG MODEL# MVWB835DW Bravos 5.3 cu. ft. Top Load Washer -- DO NOT BUY IT!!!



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COMPANY Maytag PROS Sleek look of the washer

CONS Should have recalled Lack of customer service Unresponsive service

REASON OF REVIEW Bad quality LOSS$700++

PREFERRED SOLUTION X-change product for one that works

User's recommendation: DO NOT BUY MAYTAG WASHERS!

Monetary Loss: $790.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Maytag Cons: 1 load requires numerous rewash clothes still not clean, Water remains in inner tub sours and stinks, Must add 2 or 3 gallons of water to load to wet clothes, No help from seller sears or manufacturer maytag, Ruins clothes tears and rips items.

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oh my!!! I thought I was the only one putting up with all this!!

Trying to get the clothe "WET" is a hassle ...I feel like I am in the 1800's...have to carry buckets to the "wash tub". Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one...they should recall it. Today I had another experience...the oak cycle was on and I opened the lid to see if it was getting "some" water.

I stayed in the laundry room for a couple of minutes and before the stupid thing finished "filling" (ha ha) it started to drain...how many time has it done that and I didn't notice? Like you said...clothes have to be washed a couple of times...freaking madding

@Hilliary Yyg



Complete junk MAYTAG, the dependability people! I have beyond a doubt kept the service technician in employment.

5 visits in 3 years (one less than 3 months after purchase), now....ITS NOT UNDER WARRANTY!!! Junk.

I hope hate to say, but I hope the CEO destroys this company and all engineers loose their jobs. JUNK.


Bought an HE Maytag top loader and it is a load of crap. To whom ever designed this model: MVWB725BW0 you should have your engineering degree stripped from you.

Whites come out brown, shirt collars are dirtier after being washed.

A real piece of crap. Whenever we see anyone going towards anything Maytag we recommend they stay away from it.


My top loader is about four years old. from Lowes I cant event get all the parts for it.

Biggest baddest one. Biggest unkind rip-off. Trouble with sensors, clutch, door latch, erroneous restarts and re spins.

Crappiest 900 dollar washer you can buy. Steve Lott






I have one that's 3 years old and have had nothing but issue after 2 years....stops mid cycle and won't drain and then throws out a bunch of BS codes....I have a home warranty with technicians that have replaced the computer board and the same thing happens and more codes......we can't figure it out and I am pissed...we spent at least $1K on this stupid piece of crap.


Nothing but problems from mine as well. Junk washer and pathetic customer service. I will never buy another maytag.


I won't either


I had my Maytag - Bravos XL Washer for seven years ,its been acting out, it been missing washing every other time, would recalibrate and work a couple times and recalibrate and work a couple times again. I have ordered another control board to see if it will fix it, this is used control board off ebay. If this does't work then buying another washer and it won't be a maytag.


I have a 2019 Maytag bravo XL top load washing machine It stop working completely will not light up will not do anything not even go into error code. I payed a technician to tell me the interface was bad I bought a new interface replaced it everything is plugged in still nothing we paid over $800 what a piece of crap it’s barely 15 months old


We purchased this washer it is absolutely junk. Does not clean clothes ripped your clothes and even the plastic part of their top came off of the drum I called to have it replaced or repaired and no response.

This is the absolute worst washer I have ever purchased and paid a lot of money for it. This definitely needs to be a class action suit because this is junk.


Maytag top load Bravos washer. 3 years old.

Agitator spinning way to fast. Called repairman.. Plastic part under the agitator worn down and had to be replaced.

$280.00 repair for a 3 year washer that has a 10 year guarantee.. Not a very good reason to buy another Maytag who is owned by Whirlpool.


the warranty is complete hog wash and the machine dont wash May Tag you as a sucker and take your money

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