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Update by user Oct 12, 2011

This is an update to my initial complaint posted on September 29, 2011 just to further fill the public in on the \"quality\" of the Maytag customer service experience.

As you can see on my comment line below Jordan from Maytag customer service offered to discuss my complaint. After emailing twice with the requested information Jennifer from Maytag contacted me via phone this afternoon.

Jennifer was very polite and apologized for my issue. She asked some general questions about the rust problem and stated she had never heard of a Bravos washer rusting (Google it, it happens alot apparently). She then stated that since I was a good customer and if I was willing to pay a technician to come out and diagnose the cause of the problem Maytag would be happy to offer me 50% off the cost of any replacement parts needed to repair my defective rusting unit. Now mind you I am fully responsible for the labor cost of having a technician come out and determine WHY the machine rusted and also the labor to repair the unit and 50% of the cost of any parts. Really?


When I asked Jennifer why she felt this was an honorable solution she had no good answer. When I asked her why I would want to risk investing more money, time and frustration repairing a machine that lasted less than 18 months she had no good answer. When I asked what would happen when the new replacement cabinet started rusting in 18 months she had no answer.

Jennifer basically read from the script stating that the 50% was what they were offering and that she apologized for my problem. I think somewhere in there she felt bad for my problem but that does not change the situation or make their offer any less absurd.

So I called a few of the providers on the list Jennifer sent to me to get some idea of my out of pocket costs to have my rusty machine repaired. Including Maytag\'s \"generous\" 50% off parts offer the lowest estimate I got was approximately $350 out of my pocket for the repair.

No thank you Maytag! You can keep your 50% as I will not give you another dime of my hard earned money!

I can\'t justify sinking more money into a product that has shown itself to be inferior. How can I trust that the new cabinet is any different than the old cabinet and won\'t rust in a year and a half.

Please people take my warning and think twice before buying this or any other line of Maytag product. If anything goes wrong you will be left dealing with a company with no sense of pride or honor in backing up their inferior quality products. I will soon be starting a Facebook group for poorly treated Maytag customers so please check back and join. If I can stop even a few people from wasting their money on Maytag junk my time spent will have been worth it.


Update by user Sep 29, 2011

This is an update to my initial complaint posted 9/15/11. I was advised by a local consumer advocate to post more information and pictures.

Original review posted by user Sep 29, 2011

In October 2009 we decided to purchase a Maytag Bravos 850 series washer and dryer combo for approx. $1800. We figured investing in a "premium" set of appliances from a well respected manufacturer would give us the best chance of a problem free and lengthy service life. The machines were delivered and installed by the seller's technicians to our climate controlled first floor laundry room.

For the first year we were thrilled with the machines. They provided superior service and we had no issues. The washer was cleaned with the recommended Affresh tablets at intervals recommended by the indicator on the machine.

In early 2011 my wife started to notice some brown spotting on some of our white clothing coming out of the washer. It was intermittent at first but as the year went on the problem got worse and worse. Finally after a particularly bad load of whites she asked me to look at the machine as she saw some discoloration on the outside cabinet of the washer.

It didn't take long to find the source of the staining. The washer cabinet is RUSTING along the junction of the lower cabinet and the lid assembly.

I immediately contacted Maytag customer service to report my defective product. Honestly what washing machine rusts in less than 18 months of use?!?! The first representative kindy apologized to me for my issue and stated that she had never heard of this being an issue with the Bravos machines. I replied that I assumed this was an isolated incident since "premium" washing machines usually wouldn't rust so soon after purchase. I explained that my 17 year old washer that the Maytag replaced didnt have a speck of rust on it and it was a builder model.

The rep put me on hold for a few minutes to discuss my problem with her superior. When she came back she again apologized for my issue and stated that "Maytag has no adivice to offer you on the rusting issue and since your warranty expired a few months ago we can't offer any further assistance". I tried to remain calm and explained to the representative that this was unacceptable. That Maytag clearly faltered in their design and materials selection (or that I just got a poorly painted machine) and they should have the common decency to repair or replace my product. Speaking right from her script she again repeated that there was nothing the company would do for my defective machine.

I asked to speak to her superior who came on the line after a few minute wait. This representative was less pleasant and much more aggressive than the first. Clearly these people are well trained because she sternly repeated everything the first representative stated over and over again. When I demanded to speak to a higher up she refused stating "thats as far as the company will take your matter".

I would warn anyone considering these "premium" appliances to think twice before you spend your money. Do yourself a favor and google "Maytag washing machine rust" and be amazed at the amount of similar complaints you will find with this company's washing machines. We got less than 18 months of satisfactory performance from our "high end" Maytag machine before the paint started deteriorating. Now we are out nearly a thosand dollars and the machine needs to be replaced. We can't tolerate it ruining our whites with rust stains any longer.

Maytag as a company should be ashamed of themselves. To market what they call a "commercial grade" washing machine and charge what they do for an inferior quality machine is dishonest and dissapointing. Their customer service people are trained only to turn you away when their poorly designed products fail. Never again Maytag. I promised your service representative that I would spread the word as far and wide as I could to make sure others did not fall into your trap. If a more reasonable customer service represenative would like to discuss my matter please post your contact information here and I will be happy to discuss this matter again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Maytag Washing Machine.

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I am so ticked off w my 2 12 MONTH old Maytag Bravos XL!!! After 5 weeks, the console and/or mother board went out.

Took them 4 weeks to get the part and squeeze me into their schedule. That was two days ago, Wednesday. Today is Friday, I've done about 4 loads and now it's not working due to lid lock error codes.I've had this brand new washer for a little more than two months and have only used it for 1 in month.

It's been broken more than it's working!!!!! AAAACCCCCKKKKK!


I am having the Same issue. Rust around the bleach area.

I am extremely dissatisfied with the Maytag Bravos xl.

Only a couple years old. Never again Maytag.


I'm having the same problem.the slightest drop of bleach that gets near the edge of the bleach dispenser will track under the dispenser due to capillary action to the edge between the plastic dispenser and the metal housing. The paint is thinner or sparse here letting the bleach rust the metal.

a sealant used at the factory would have solved the problem.

I found a replacement top on ebay, will spray another coat of paint on the edge and seal it with bees wax. Silicone grease may also work.


My Maytag Bravo is all rusted and now is ruining my clothes.

to Joan Kasaras #1425851

JOAN: YES!!! I am so frustrated with this stupid washer!

We've had problems since we bought it the first year it came out. We have had several repair companies tell us they won't work on them.


Maytag Bravos rusted out and ruined my clothes. Piece of junk!

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1303312

i have the Bravo Xl , it is horrible. If I attempt to wash a comforter there are places that never touch water, the information packet is fraud.

I am sorry, but my clothes need water to get clean. Maytag needs to offer a replacement product for this piece of junk.

Reno, Nevada, United States #1280257

Sorriest new washing machine I ever purchased ! Junk !

You cannot get enough water in the tub . Wish I had read up on them .

Salesman never washed clothes I bet ! Buyer beware !

Ocoee, Florida, United States #1215715

Interesting... I have the same issue - Maytag considers it.

A cosmetic problem and IS NOT covered under warranty even though I explained that it is affecting the wash AND that the washer is only 2 years old. My wife and I have been married for 40+ years and we've owned ONLY Maytag washers and driers...to bad this is my LAST one...


Aloha Frpm Maui we were just going to purchase a Maytag Bravo at Sears. But since i read your article i changed my mind.

So at least you have saved me the hassle.

Also went on line and Maytag has the worst reputation of all washers period. Hope Maytag hears this but I'm positive they just do not care one bit

to Anonymous #986923

Glad to hear you didn't buy Maytag. An update that the Bravos dryer died last month.

Less than 5 years of use for a 'commercial grade' product. What a joke.

Bismarck, North Dakota, United States #959642

Exact same thing is happening to me. My Maytag is about 5 years old.

It is rusting around the bleach dispenser and on the lid.

Piece of junk. Never will I buy a Maytag again!!!

to Pam #1011293

Exactly the same thing happened to me! 5 years on, it is totally rusted around the bleach dispenser, and the hinge to the lid is completely rusted through.

It's a nice machine with a nice interface, but Maytag really has some manufacturing, quality, and responsibility issues. Never again.

to Anonymous Orange Park, Florida, United States #1203719

I had a maytag something like the picture in the last complaint. I also had rust around the bleach dispenser.

I did not think much of it. I thought I caused the problem because of maybe a bleach spill. Now, I know it is a problem of Maytag. But the washer did not start to rust on the bottom till I had the washer over 10 years.

Now I know the product itself is defective when compared to the older products.

Everything, products and services (both fast food and products) are inferior to the years prior to 70s. My opinion.

to Kathy Orange Park, Florida, United States #1203723

Maytag was merged or bought out by Whirpool around 2005. After that customer service and manufactering production went to the pits.

Irvine, California, United States #958394

Another victim of maytag 9000 series, all of the above, clothes only get halfway clean and they smell different. I spend all my weekends babysitting the washer untill finally I get a final cycle on Sunday night.

I do laundry everyday for my small cleaning business so I am behind with my family's personal washing- very frustrating and frankly I'm traumatized.


I wonder if it is the tablet that they said you should use. Maybe it has some kind of acid in it that makes the machine rust.

You could buy a new washer for the price they are asking you too pay to fix the machine. What a shame, I always see they commercials about their products and thought about buying them but they are expensive.

Glad you posted this. I will never buy from them.


We purchased a may tag top of the line oversized washer and dryer. A few years ago, I noticed a smell coming from the washer.

The exterior of the tub is coated with a scummy crud. May tag new all about the problem. Do they care, heck no, do they do anything about it, heck no, even though we took out extended warranty from pic Richards where we bought it. This should have been a recall.

It is disgusting. So your laundry is clean, but the machine literally stinks!

Lowell, Massachusetts, United States #929530

Maytag = Poor Quality

Bravos is a rust bucket - less than 5 years old - no less than a dozen parts had to be ordered to fix

Dishwasher cheap plastic toy - track clips for upper rack breaking one after another - less than 2 years old

Never had rust issues with past washers - Maytag will do nothing about it - protection agreement with store does not cover it but if it gets bad enough to impede repairs will void warranty



I am glad I don't have one. I got a basic set of Whirlpool washer, and dryer in 2003, and only had to replace a discharge pump on the washer.

No rust, and good running machines..

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