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My series 3000 washer is a bit over 2 yrs old ( March 2010) and it died Sunday. The control panel won't light up so I assume its one of the 2 control boards. When I bought the machine, at Lowe's, I had some sort of coupon for free delivery so I purchased the extended warranty with that money 'saved' (the first time in my life!) But I had heard some scarey stories about these front loaders so now I guess the extended warranty was a good idea and in my warped logic it didn't cost me anything because I had the delivery coupon. The machine I have is used for maybe 5-6 loads per week at most ( two people)

Anyway, I had some 'great' conversations with Lowes' manager: he told me the service contract was not theirs, but a third party so Lowe's had no control over the third party policies. When I told him I paid LOWES the money for the contract he really could not explain how it was not their issue but it wasn't. I wanted him to assure me the repair guys would have the possible bad/replacement parts when they showed up to prevent a come back call. He said he had no control over that.

The control module/processor on these things can't cost more than a few bucks to manufacture. Obviously there is design cost etc, but I would imagine the actual cost to manufacture one is likely less than $10. A good on line cost is $250. I would assume Maytag/Whirlpool is making some good money on the replacement of these items and lots of extended warranty firms are cleaning up doinig the replacement. I believe the retail (that you would be charged) is anywhere from $350 to 300 for the main processor and then the $100-150 service call fee.

So, after arranging with the service company for a visit (3 day wait) they pretty much assured me they won't be fixing the machine when they show up because they are not allowed to bring parts even though it seems like a choice of only 2 or 3 things that could be bad. The phone person said she had no idea how long the replacement parts would take once they are ordered.

The Lowe's manager did say I could have a loaner machine while mine was broken so I guess that will be interesting to see how that works out. I do laugh though because if they just fixed the *** machine it would save money and lots of aggravation for every one.

I guess the moral of the story is Maytag is not too reliable, they don't seem to want to admit they made a lemon, Lowe's is just like everyone else in backing away from problems and providing real first rate customer service. I really do wish that every customer would demand great service from all suppliers. In general we are too lenient with the companies who act like they are doing us a favor when we are PAYING THEM to perform a service

When I tried to post a comment on the Lowe's web site, it was rejected. I guess they don't like negative comments. One possible excuse I was given was that I posted the comment on different model : a 301 vs the now not sold 300

I think I will write a letter to my state's Atty General. Martha Coakley's organization seems to enjoy sticking it to businesses.

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I had about 10 complaints against my Maytag washer, but the most serious one is the fact that the washer ripped, tore, or shredded quite a few of my clothes. The washer was less than a half year old when I began noticing my clothes being torn, bleached in spots, or water was thrown out of the washer before the wash was finished.To make a long story short, I think we should find an attorney who will file a class action lawsuit or contact the attorney general and determine that this machine is a LEMON.

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