After my Maytag dishwasher quit, it was 3 months old, I called for service. I waiter 4 weeks for someone to come and check it.

After the tech came, he ordered a part and scheduled repair for 2 weeks away. After waiting 2 more weeks I was told he couldn't come and A & E Factory Service didn't know when they could reschedule. This is a terrible way to treat customers. I called several numbers and was told to bad!

No one would help me and they did not care. So I have a 3month old dishwasher that is under warrenty, that does not work.

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I purchased A Maytag washing the beginning of May, 2008 and today the motor is burned out. I have used GE appliances before and I have not had any problems with them.

Mo more Maytag appliances for me.

MARY E Myers :cry



I am apologize for your frustration, if you are needing to speak to someone immediately please call us directly at (800) 344-1274. We are in the United States and available from 8am-8pm M-F.

Otherwise feel free to contact me directly at NAR_Customer_Solutions@Whirlpool.com.


Kyle, as disappointed consumers, we do not want to email, we want to SPEAK TO SOMEONE DIRECTLY!!! No listening to a menu or speak to a foreign country for results.

Post a direct number for consumer complaints. people -- report these issues to the BBB>


Maytag, a piece of junk in every sense of the word. Whirlpool is making the PLASTIC parts for the maytag washer.

Two years old and the timer, agitator, computer has faulted.

the spin cycle does not release the appropiate amount of water leaving clothes sopping wet. DO NOT BUY!!!!!


Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of Maytag. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your appliance.

If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via Facebook (Maytag) or Twitter (MaytagCare). Or contact us directly via e-mail NAR_Customer_Solutions@Whirlpool.com.

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