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I bought my Maytag over the range Microwave oven in April 2006 It has a full warranty the 1st year and a 2 through 5 year on different parts plus labor.The A&E technician checked my warranty and model and called his office .They called Whirlpool and reassured them it was a correct warranty. I made a copy of warranty cover and warranty. The technician said they would fax it to Whirlpool and would get back to me. Never heard from them . I called customer service at Whirlpool and they said they would not honor it as all their warranties were for 1 year only. As it stands now, they will not honor the warranty.

Needless to say I will not buy Maytag or Whirpool again.

M. Huston

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Rhymes with - you pid. :eek

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Is *** not allowed? Makes it look like I used a swear word?

I didn't let my kids say it so yes, guess its not a good word. :zzz :x

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We purchase Whirlpool line for our new home to include: Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Disposal, Microwave & Double Oven / Stove. All are pieces of garbage.

The worst part is the lack of customer service. We called within first year because the handle on the microwave cracked & cut my hand when opening the door. The customer service rep said we were on our own because the door didn't affect the operation of the appliance. The Ice Maker is always jammed w/ a *** opening too big for glass so when ice does dispense, some on the floor.

Oven doesn't self clean very well. Dishwasher leaves dishes wet ... disposal - so far ....

I won't hold my breath. Never EVER buy Whirlpool due to customer service.


I hear ya!!! We purchased a Whirlpool Shelf mounted microwave in our newly constructed home in September 2008.

Yesterday, the microwave completely died. No lights. No control panel. Dead.

Called Whirlpool and it looks like we are gonna have to pay for labor and parts for a 2 year old microwave!! :( We will NEVER buy a Whirlpool product again!!!

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