We bought a new Maytag Neptune washer in 12/2004. Today, 3/2011, will be the third time we have had the top replaced for rust, which is covered by warranty for 10 years.

This seems to be an excessive number of times for the same problem. In 1/2010 we had to replace, at our expense, the clutch that went out. Today, 3/2011, the outer tub needs replacing which is covered by warranty. The problem is that the leaking outer tub sits directly over the clutch which is now ruined due to the water getting into it.

Maytag will cover the outer tub but not another clutch which will cost us another $170 out of pocket for another new clutch. The service company tells us the clutch should last for at least five years. We think Maytag should cover this cost as it was due to the tub leak.

Including this current repair, we will have spent more on repairs for this washer than we originally paid for it new. We feel this is unreasonable for a six-year-old washer used by only two people.

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I will never buy a Maytag product again. Front loading washer stopped working after 2 months.

Service repair man came out and said water got inside and there was calcium buildup near the sensors, and that warranty would not cover it because more than likely it was due to basement flooding. We had a little water in the basement, but not enough to consider it a flood, and it surely did not reach the washer. $500.00 dollars down the drain. I will buy different brand from now on.

Anything has to be better than Maytag.

The dissapointing thing is that we purcased Maytag because I remembered all the old commercials where the Maytag repair man was the loneliest guy on Earth because the machines never broke down. Maytag has sunk to the bottom since those days.


Our GE washer just went after 5.9 years. We have been researching like most, and quality and service seem to suck across the board according to numerous reviews.

We have been looking into the Maytag Maxima, and had a few more questions that service people in various stores can't answer. So, next best thing...we called the 1(800) number for Maytag and after a lengthy wait to speak to someone, they hung up on us in the middle of his conversation, and then again a second time before we could get the question out.

If this is how they treat potential customers, I can only imagine how they treat clients with complaints. Sorry Kyle it wasn't you, but they represent the same company.


Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of maytag. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your Maytag Neptune.

If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via Facebook or Twitter. Or contact us directly by phone at (800)344-1274.

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