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Update by user Dec 31, 2017

Maytag/Whirlpool, you STILL SUCK !!! Sunday 31 December 2017 10:00am ESTIt is now the last day of 2017 and you still have not done diddly-squat.

That's got to be because you couldn't give a frickin' rat's tuckus about your products, me, or your customers. All you obviously care about is sucking in our money. I'm telling you, dudes, this Washer is now and has been CRAP from the day I got it. Even your people can't get it working right, but you still do not care.

Why? It's because you already have MY MONEY. I should think that you would at least be a little bit curious about finding out what is wrong with this thing. I mean, at least from the perspective of an engineer or a technician.

Don't you wonder what the $#!% is wrong with something you sell when it doesn't even fill enough with H2O, causing me to have to use a GARDEN HOSE just to get the G$% D&@$ M@*&!# F#$%ing thing to go through a full wash/rinse cycle ??? I mean seriously!!! The piece of $hit is still here if you want to come and see it, try it, and/or take it just to find out what the F$%# is going on with the crap you sell. Come on, man!

Do the right thing!! You have my info. Give me a call and just have the F%^$ing cajones to show even the slightest interest in the crap you gave me for $650 bucks. There is an option to mark an issue as 'resolved' on this great website.

THAT WILL ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER HAPPEN until you at least contact me and come out to see for yourself what I'm talking about. Trust me, I'm not crazy: I'M JUST P!$$ed !!!!! But I suspect that after two years of neglect and inability to diagnose/fix whatever is wrong, you have about as much chance of CARING about this situation as does a snowball's chance in ***. Well congratulations, you suckered me once and got away with it but there is no way in the universe that that will ever happen again.

And since I have an extremely good legal footing (i.e. EVIDENCE), I have absolutely no fear relaying my facts and opinions to others about your utter disregard for the slightest bit of decency in dealing with and treating the customers upon whom you prey to make a living. Way to go, JACKA$$E$ !!!!If you hired Johnny Cochran, Alan Dershowitz, and Janet Reno even they would never get one d@mn red cent out of me for telling the world how badly you suck!Yous people should be ashamed of yourselves. When I started this inquiry process by calling you and Lowes 2 years ago, I was very sedate while calmly trying to gather/provide information for a reasonable resolution to the issue at hand.

Well, 2 years later I have a much more irate resolution - - - a New Year's Resolution: Tell all 7+ billion good, decent, honest folks never to deal with you F#@%ing Ba$^ards !!!!!! I tried from the onset in GOOD FAITH to deal with you ***$ to settle this thing and got NOWHERE. Well Happy New Year, and here's a belated CHRIST-Mas present for you: :-( Rot in ***, Maytag/Whirlpool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Signed, Rev.

d.a.h. The Church of PI$$edoffedness

Update by user Oct 18, 2017

Maytag Sucksssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update by user Sep 16, 2017

Maytag, you still SUCK !!!You send out 2 repairmen and even they can't get the #%@ *&!^ thing working right. I had to hook up a garden hose in my deep sink just to add enough water to the wash and rinse cycles so that my clothes don't get thrashed around like that chick at the beginning of Jaws!

You should be embarrassed about the way you suck in people's money but don't care if your crap product doesn't work. SHAME ON YOU !!!  I will NEVER mark this issue as resolved until I either get a fair amount of my money back or you exchange this piece of crap for a brand new one that works right.  Until then, YOU STILL SUCK MAYTAG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update by user Mar 11, 2017

Still no reply as of Saturday, 11 March 2017 at 04:32am.

Like it says for my status: "ISSUE NOT RESOLVED".

Thanks for your post-purchase, sincere concern Maytag...

Original review posted by user Mar 01, 2017

Any attorneys out there interested in starting a Class Action Lawsuit against Maytag to help us little guys band together against this corporate giant? Based on my experiences and those of many others on message boards like this one, there is more than enough evidence to demonstrate that this product is flawed in its basic design and engineering.

They tried to get rid of the agitator to make more room for clothes and other laundry but it backfired on them. That *** little spinning thing at the bottom simply does not agitate the clothes properly. Also, that device does not adequately compensate for the reduced amount of water. It was a gallant attempt to conserve resources but it failed miserably.

I have had most of the things happen to me that you see in all the other posts at this website, plus others. Apparently I am not alone. I have contacted Maytag with absolutely NO SATISFACTION!! In fact, believe it or not, I just got off the phone with them and THEY TRIED TO SELL ME ANOTHER WASHER !!!!!

Can you believe it??? Now I'm even MORE Pi$$ed! This model MVWB835DW (and probably others like it) is a LEMON. I admitted that by myself I am not able to fight a huge company with endless resources; however, I did warn them that if we can get enough of the other folks who have been burned (figuratively - not literally) by trusting in a name-brand like Maytag, they will RUE THE DAY that they turned a deaf ear to hearing our frustrations.

AVOID MAYTAG AND WHIRLPOOL unless you want crappy treatment AFTER they've gotten your money!!

I would also like to mention that the Lowes store in Lancaster PA was no help either. They too are great at SELLING you things and TAKING your money, but if you call them even a few days after the return period of 30 days they tell you "tough luck, buddy - you are Maytag's problem now!".

Product or Service Mentioned: Maytag Mvwb835dw Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Preferred solution: PRORATED Refund of $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars).

I liked: Look of the washer and dryer, Stated capacity big enough for large items like comforters.

I didn't like: Does not clean well, Dispensing of softener and detergent not even, Rough on fabrics due to thrashing of clothes, Once water did not stop had to pull plug.

  • Maytag Sucks
  • Mvwb835dw
  • Maytag Class Action Lawsuit
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My maytag centennial washer MODEL MVWC360AW was used 5 times and now will not fill with water to run—-the tech replaced the shifter for $169.95 smiled and pulled away——whoa! Not filling still???

So he came back and said it needs a control board for an additional $171.00 —WHERE DOES THIS END?????? I am thinking of scratching the repair ——


So many of us have that "Does not fill" syndrome. That's my #1 complaint.

When the tech came out, he pushed a bunch of buttons in a certain sequence - - - presumably to help figure out what's wrong with this piece of *** Then he put it on "DEEP WATER WASH". He said it should fill up, but it stopped at about 2 inches. Immediately he knew (and admitted) that there was something seriously wrong. He said the only thing it could be is that electronic computer board, but he did not have a replacement.

He ordered one, and in just a few days a different tech came out and put in the new board. That 2nd tech did not wait around to try verify that it would work, and said something like "it may take a few loads to get adjusted" (that's as close as I can remember). Roughly 2 years later and I'm still filling my washer with a garden hose. SERIOUSLY !!!!!

I swear to God, may he strike me down dead if I am lying! I will swear to that UNDER OATH and PENALTY of PERJURY !!!!!!!!!! Occasionally an idiot will read my many posts on this site and suggest that I'm a drunken fool with an anger management problem. Trust me ...

that is not the case. If those bone-heads had to use a garden hose to fill their washer, they would "feel my pain" (sorry for stealing your line Mr. Clinton) and have some sympathy for my situation like the majority of the posted replies have done.

Until it happens to you, don't judge the rest of us. IT IS EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING !!!!!


I've suffered through the exact same problem unhappy wife unhappy life multiple calls to Maytag people are trained well they care however the product sucks I told them either improve the product get more people on the problem hotline or get bankruptcy lawyers. They did however finally agree after for calls to send out the parts overnight for a new transmission even though they didn't have one of the parts in stock as well as $150 for my troubles to get the parts installed. Will never purchase again.


If you call The Executive office, they WILL help you. I got my money back on both washer and dryer.

It is true that they are producing a bad washer. The customer service people are terrible including THE SUPERVISORS. In fact they can make a comatose person angry. Look up whirlpool executive office USA .

The woman is lovely. Now as for you my dear, I did not have to use a single swear word or any low rhetoric and I got my money back. I treated them with respect even though Whirlpool did not do likewise with me. They know they have a bad product on the market and they still keep selling it.

Until the same service people will get fed up of Whirlpool and drop them. Just like it happened with LG .

Plus with LG salespeople were warning consumers against buying. LG corrected their product now.

to Anonymous #1559922

Troll ... Eff Ewe

to Anonymous #1574252

I am not Pis_ _ _, just very disappointed. I own one of those with the "does not wash issue".

I just received an e-mail from Maytag with a very respectful message explaining that, since the washer is operating as designed, Maytag can't process any exchange or refund. My answer to Maytag, in essence was, that I bought a washer to wash clothes regardless of the design, but not to not wash clothes because of the design. This is like buying a car that will only take you only 3 miles down the road per ignition cycle. If you are advised that this is the way this car operates, then, if you have to go 30 miles on a single trip, you would have to wait till the car stops and then re-start the vehicle 9 additional times.

At that time you accept to buy the car or not. To be fair, In the case of this washer, when it is washing any load and you want the clothes clean like a normal washer, you have to run the deep water wash cycle 3 times. You do that, and the end of the third cycle the clothes will come out clean. I got tired of doing that, and until final resolution I now go to my son's house to wash our clothes on a Samsung front loader that he has.

Maytag has good front loaders for almost the same price that I paid for this one and I don't know why I did not select it. The bottom line is: 1.

Not enough water and 2. Not enough movement.

to Osvaldo Torres #1574584

Osvaldo, hang onto that e-Mail. It will be good evidence when we sue these b@st@rds.

You did a great job of explaining what's going on with your example of buying a car, and I believe that our class action attorneys will call it "Warranty of Merchantability". As for Maytag being "respectful", actually I'd say it's the opposite. What they did to you and all of us is to "Handle" us (as they say in customer relations terms). In other words, they simply use polite language to tell us NO!

But the bottom line is that no matter what line of BS they use on us, it still means we're $crewed.

After multiple 'respectful' replies and still no positive action, that's why we all ended up here on pissedconsumer.com to vent our frustrations, because that's all we have left to do. #MaytagSucks #WhirlpoolReallySucks


Maytag is the worst! I have an Epic Z front loading HD machine.

I signed up for the class action suit.(moldly smells) a couple years ago, submitted all my documents but NEVER received the 50.00! Maytag sucks all around! This machine is ruining my sheets and clothes! I washed my sheets 2 days ago went to put them on the bed and ripped to shreds in one spot!

EVERY shirt I own has little pin holes, and I do NOT put them in the dryer! I guess Maytag could care less that us little people that we spend our HARD earned $ thinking we are buying a good product and they could care less! I can't afford this POS anymore! I am now looking for a used REGULAR washer since I can't afford a new one or new clothes!

Class action suit is a good idea but with an HONEST -Good attorney!

ADD ME TO THE LIST! They need to make this right!

to Carole D #1544737

Maytag used to be good, but they have been going downhill ever since Whirlpool got their grimy little hands on the brand. Any HONEST-Good Attorneys out there?

You can see we all have plenty of evidence to get the ball rolling. Sorry to hear about your troubles, Carole, but in the words of Slick *** "I feel your pain!".


Add me to the list too. I'm irate about mine.

Crap from day one.

I also have the shoddy Bravo XL MCT. How can us little ppl sue this corporation?

to Melissa #1543991

OK Melissa, you're on the list. Join the crowd.

Mine too was crap from day one, but it just took me a while to realize it. By that time it was too late. I called Lowe's and they're like "Sorry pal, you're Maytag's problem now". And when I called Maytag they threatened to bill me if THEY determined there was nothing wrong.

Where are all the lawyers? Never around when you need one. The only way a lawyer would touch this case is if one of us "little people" became a little smaller due to loss of a body part.

Then if it becomes an injury lawsuit, the ambulance chasing lawyers will be lined up at our door for a chance to provide justice for the little guy against big business America. Sucks!

to MaytagBadWasher #1578438

Add me to the list. I have Maytags Neptunes, ripping sheets, shirts and now jeans!

Ruining my clothes.

They should be doing something....but not a peep! ...crickets....

to UniqueBullock791 #1578875

I have faith that justice will be served ... eventually.

Most people with bad products just accept the fact that they have been $kr00ed. Maybe we don't have the resources, but at least we're out on this website trying to warn others. Sooner or later they (Maytag/Sesspool) will tick off the wrong person. It only takes one very motivated individual with access to good legal counsel to get the ball rolling.

That's when we'll get court-ordered notifications that we can join in the class action. Then WE will have the last laugh!!!

to Melissa #1554951

Just by posting these comments we are helping. Call Whirlpool exec office. Google or.


Add me to the list! I'm on my third load and have 5 articles of clothing with little holes all over them. Unreal!

to Lisa #1529263

OK, you're on the list with the rest of us trustworthy, unsuspecting suckers. Sounds like you're doing lots of multiple smaller loads like so many others --- meanwhile wasting gallons of water, tons of supplies, and hours going back and forth just to baby your loads through as we all are doing.

I guess this is progress??? $KROO Maytag & Whirlpool !


I also own a Maytag Bravo XL and I am totally disgusted. What the he** is going on in this world when a company can sell a washing machine that does not clean laundry and get away with it.

The only recourse we have as consumers is to make sure we tell friends and family NOT to purchase a washer from Maytag. I will make sure that my next washer isn't purchased until I've read reviews from consumers about their experiences. I have found countless reviews on this washer that rate it as poor. There are a lot of pissed off consumers out there that have been screwed by the makers of Maytag and if I had bothered to do some research I wouldn't be one of those consumers.

I've read about other recalls on models made by Maytag. They did not offer cash settlements. They offered gift certificates toward the purchase of another model made by Maytag. Sounds like the company profited from that settlement.

The country is going down the toilet when a corporation can screw over consumers and our government does nothing about it. Give me an old school washing machine any day.

to Peggy Mcgrath #1520497

OMG ... Ditto!!At one point the Maytag CSR said they would not take back my piece of crap, but instead said they would sell me another one for half price.

Seriously!Me Too - I will never buy another washer without an agitator - what a ridiculous concept.

I feel so stupid for being suckered into BELIEVING in them because their name is Maytag. What a mistake!Still can't believe I'm filling my washer with a garden hose (again, SERIOUSLY!!) to get it to work.So sorry Peggy that you are stuck in this sinking ship with the rest of us.No more trusting --- VERIFY ONLY.Still hoping for a RECALL or CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ----- I'm witness Number One !!!!!!!!!!

Devi Bauer

Everything we have bought of theirs in the last 3-4 years has been absolute garbage. My washer says Made in America, but I'm guessing Made in China or India, who could probably do a better job on all their products! Here's hoping they go the way of Sears!

to Devi Bauer #1517372

" Here's hoping they go the way of Sears! "After reading the posts in this thread, this website, and other sites ... I think you're on the money.

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