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Update by user Dec 31, 2017

Maytag/Whirlpool, you STILL SUCK !!! Sunday 31 December 2017 10:00am ESTIt is now the last day of 2017 and you still have not done diddly-squat.

That's got to be because you couldn't give a frickin' rat's tuckus about your products, me, or your customers. All you obviously care about is sucking in our money. I'm telling you, dudes, this Washer is now and has been CRAP from the day I got it. Even your people can't get it working right, but you still do not care.

Why? It's because you already have MY MONEY. I should think that you would at least be a little bit curious about finding out what is wrong with this thing. I mean, at least from the perspective of an engineer or a technician.

Don't you wonder what the $#!% is wrong with something you sell when it doesn't even fill enough with H2O, causing me to have to use a GARDEN HOSE just to get the G$% D&@$ M@*&!# F#$%ing thing to go through a full wash/rinse cycle ??? I mean seriously!!! The piece of $hit is still here if you want to come and see it, try it, and/or take it just to find out what the F$%# is going on with the crap you sell. Come on, man!

Do the right thing!! You have my info. Give me a call and just have the F%^$ing cajones to show even the slightest interest in the crap you gave me for $650 bucks. There is an option to mark an issue as 'resolved' on this great website.

THAT WILL ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER HAPPEN until you at least contact me and come out to see for yourself what I'm talking about. Trust me, I'm not crazy: I'M JUST P!$$ed !!!!! But I suspect that after two years of neglect and inability to diagnose/fix whatever is wrong, you have about as much chance of CARING about this situation as does a snowball's chance in ***. Well congratulations, you suckered me once and got away with it but there is no way in the universe that that will ever happen again.

And since I have an extremely good legal footing (i.e. EVIDENCE), I have absolutely no fear relaying my facts and opinions to others about your utter disregard for the slightest bit of decency in dealing with and treating the customers upon whom you prey to make a living. Way to go, JACKA$$E$ !!!!If you hired Johnny Cochran, Alan Dershowitz, and Janet Reno even they would never get one d@mn red cent out of me for telling the world how badly you suck!Yous people should be ashamed of yourselves. When I started this inquiry process by calling you and Lowes 2 years ago, I was very sedate while calmly trying to gather/provide information for a reasonable resolution to the issue at hand.

Well, 2 years later I have a much more irate resolution - - - a New Year's Resolution: Tell all 7+ billion good, decent, honest folks never to deal with you F#@%ing Ba$^ards !!!!!! I tried from the onset in GOOD FAITH to deal with you ***$ to settle this thing and got NOWHERE. Well Happy New Year, and here's a belated CHRIST-Mas present for you: :-( Rot in ***, Maytag/Whirlpool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Signed, Rev.

d.a.h. The Church of PI$$edoffedness

Update by user Oct 18, 2017

Maytag Sucksssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update by user Sep 16, 2017

Maytag, you still SUCK !!!You send out 2 repairmen and even they can't get the #%@ *&!^ thing working right. I had to hook up a garden hose in my deep sink just to add enough water to the wash and rinse cycles so that my clothes don't get thrashed around like that chick at the beginning of Jaws!

You should be embarrassed about the way you suck in people's money but don't care if your crap product doesn't work. SHAME ON YOU !!!  I will NEVER mark this issue as resolved until I either get a fair amount of my money back or you exchange this piece of crap for a brand new one that works right.  Until then, YOU STILL SUCK MAYTAG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update by user Mar 11, 2017

Still no reply as of Saturday, 11 March 2017 at 04:32am.

Like it says for my status: "ISSUE NOT RESOLVED".

Thanks for your post-purchase, sincere concern Maytag...

Original review posted by user Mar 01, 2017

Any attorneys out there interested in starting a Class Action Lawsuit against Maytag to help us little guys band together against this corporate giant? Based on my experiences and those of many others on message boards like this one, there is more than enough evidence to demonstrate that this product is flawed in its basic design and engineering.

They tried to get rid of the agitator to make more room for clothes and other laundry but it backfired on them. That *** little spinning thing at the bottom simply does not agitate the clothes properly. Also, that device does not adequately compensate for the reduced amount of water. It was a gallant attempt to conserve resources but it failed miserably.

I have had most of the things happen to me that you see in all the other posts at this website, plus others. Apparently I am not alone. I have contacted Maytag with absolutely NO SATISFACTION!! In fact, believe it or not, I just got off the phone with them and THEY TRIED TO SELL ME ANOTHER WASHER !!!!!

Can you believe it??? Now I'm even MORE Pi$$ed! This model MVWB835DW (and probably others like it) is a LEMON. I admitted that by myself I am not able to fight a huge company with endless resources; however, I did warn them that if we can get enough of the other folks who have been burned (figuratively - not literally) by trusting in a name-brand like Maytag, they will RUE THE DAY that they turned a deaf ear to hearing our frustrations.

AVOID MAYTAG AND WHIRLPOOL unless you want crappy treatment AFTER they've gotten your money!!

I would also like to mention that the Lowes store in Lancaster PA was no help either. They too are great at SELLING you things and TAKING your money, but if you call them even a few days after the return period of 30 days they tell you "tough luck, buddy - you are Maytag's problem now!".

Review about: Maytag Mvwb835dw Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Preferred solution: PRORATED Refund of $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars).

I liked: Look of the washer and dryer, Stated capacity big enough for large items like comforters.

I didn't like: Does not clean well, Dispensing of softener and detergent not even, Rough on fabrics due to thrashing of clothes, Once water did not stop had to pull plug.

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Serviceman just left. This is the sixth repair visit in the past year for this Maytag Bravos XL washer I purchased in February 2015.

Apparently it is due to a design problem with a screw that holds the shaft to the drums. It gets loose and then wont spin. The serviceman used locktite this time.

We will see. I am definitely interested in a class action suit.

to John E Townsend #1491514

Mr. Townsend, looks like you now hold the record with SIX repairs.

I was pi$$ed after just TWO, so I can only imagine what you are going through. When you mention "design problem" I think you hit the nail on the head. It is a surprise to me that no class action has been started yet. I would join that in a heartbeat.

If we get to trial, we'll just wheel our junk units into the courtroom and let the Judge see for himself (or herself to be PC) who is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I would love to have a pitbull lawyer subpoena all of Maytag's records related to these nightmare appliances. I might only get back my $650 for the washer, but if they allow punitive damages for 'pain and suffering' I would become an instant millionaire. Using this G.D.

thing is SOooooooooooo FRUSTRATING!!!Good luck with your unit.

Maybe XL stands for Extremely Lousy??? :-)


My washer from Maytag keeps shutting off beeping and over cycle washing.. machine shakes all over the place MVWB835DW

to Tehmina02112 #1490892

Sorry to hear that but it doesn't surprise me. Seems like ever since Whirlpool took over Maytag they have been going downhill.

They are apparently never going to take care of us, but if we can help keep others from getting $crewed then our time and effort on this message board is well spent. Still hoping for a class-action lawsuit to join. This new technology (no agitator) and their engineering designs are junk IMHO.

How can it be that they can't even get their own product to work right after 2 service calls? You would think that they would at least be curious, but I guess they just plain do not care.To all you folks looking for a good washer, AVOID Whirlpool/Maytag and especially the MVWB835DW.


Saturday 07 April 2018 08:03am EDTStill nothing from Maytag.Still using GARDEN HOSE to fill washer.Still a #$%^ing piece of $h!^.Maytag, my invitation is still open. You are more than welcome to contact me to come out and see this thing.

If I'm lying, I'll pay your travel expenses/hotel/meals.

Even the 2 repairmen YOU sent out could not fix it and get the G.D, thing to fill up correctly with water, and they replaced the entire circuit board.It seems obvious - - - YOU DON'T CARE !!!!!!!!! Do you?????


This is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned. It has ruined several pieces of clothing and I have had many service calls.

I will never purchase another Maytag product. Your stuff is junk!

to Anonymous #1445381

Sorry to hear you got $crewed like I did.Looks like neither one of us will ever buy Maytag/Whirlpool again.p.s. There's never a lawyer around when we need one.

If I get ripped off $650 bucks like so many others they don't give a rat's rear. Too bad I didn't lose a finger or they'd be knocking down my door to take that case!


Perhaps you'd have a better experience with your machine if you were to sober up. Operating machinery is dangerous when you're as inebriated as this. To be honest, I'm surprised you do laundry at all.

Your constant state of intoxication is also the reason no one takes you seriously; these poorly worded tantrums you're throwing are so obscene it's comical.

Try laying off the sauce, and go to sleep.

Best wishes!

to Pat Fig #1422249

Dear Fat Pig,

Glad you enjoyed my comical post. :-)

Hope you appreciated the facts of the case wrt the piece of $h!t Maytag gave me for $650.

You are welcome to come and see it for yourself...

to Pat Fig #1445377

Hey Fat Pig,I ain't drunk... I'm dyslexic.


I purchased a maytag bravos washer in april 2016. In december 2017 it stopped working.

It was total junk from the getgo. I went with the maytag brand because i am old enough to remember when maytag was the gold standard for washers.

I bet the maytag repairman is not lonely anymore. I would never purchase anything made by maytag again.

to debbie #1445386

Love your post. Well written.Nevertheless, sorry to hear that you too are one of us who have been "attached to another object by an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis".


I bought a Maytag washer model # mvwx655dw

It is the worst washer I have ever had. Doesn’t clean clothes, clothes come out soapy and it is horribly noisy.

I bought it at Home Depot. I have only had it 13 days but they tell me they will only take it back within 48 hours of delivery. I just can’t believe it.

Does anyone know of a positive resolution to this? I have never heard of a store that would only take an appliance back within 48 hours of delivery.


I certainly hope there is a law suit. If any company ever deserved it, it's Maytag/Whirlpool.

They monkeyed around with us for 18 months.

We finally just gave up after the last repairman said it would take 4 hours for him to tear it down and repair it and he just wasn't going to spend the time! So now we have a $514.00 broken down machine sitting in our garage waiting t be hauled away,,,and we have to pay for that , of course.

to rottlivr #1370036

Maytag, you still SUCK !!!

You send out 2 repairmen and even they can't get the #%@ *&!^ thing working right. I had to hook up a garden hose in my deep sink just to add enough water to the wash and rinse cycles so that my clothes don't get thrashed around like that chick at the beginning of Jaws!

You should be embarrassed about the way you suck in people's money but don't care if your crap product doesn't work. SHAME ON YOU !!!

I will NEVER mark this issue as resolved until I either get a fair amount of my money back or you exchange this piece of crap for a brand new one that works right. Until then, YOU STILL SUCK MAYTAG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Willmar, Minnesota, United States #1333876

I have had the same exact frustrations with my Bravo XL washer that I bought 1 year ago. I have been watching for any kind of class action lawsuit for this very defective product for months now. I hope you can get something going.

to HateMyBravoXL Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #1334048

Sorry to hear that. It is frustrating, isn't it?

Either they (Maytag/Whirlpool) don't understand or they don't care. Even as of this past weekend I still have problems, the main one being the water level. What I have to do with every load is to wait a couple minutes after it gets started, then push the pause button, and after the lid unlocks I pour in about three or four more gallons of water. THAT SUCKS !!!

I'm getting so tired of baby-sitting this piece of $hi+ (oops, sorry!).

Trust me, I am not a litigious person at all. I've never sued anyone in my 56 years and I've never been sued. I like to work things out amicably. Around here in Lancaster County when you shake someone's hand and make a deal or purchase you put more than money on the line - - - you put your reputation.

It's hard to keep, but easy to lose. Well it looks like Maytag/Whirlpool might get away with this one, but it will catch up with them eventually. As more and more people get duped into buying this new technology the chances go up that it will eventually come to a head. They can swindle us little guys, but if some attorney at a big law firm gets bitten on the butt by one of these contraptions, watch out!!

I will join in on that lawsuit in a heartbeat. I'm still considering the local TV news as a means of judging how widespread this really is. You know, one of those "on-your-side" consumer reporters. I have a gut feeling, based on internet reviews, that there are tons of folks like us out there who just don't know where to turn for justice or how to get something going.

When the ground-swell starts though and others who have been pushed around jump on the band wagon, this could be a billion dollar class-action lawsuit. I paid $650 for my "Clothes-Thrasher", so even just having to refund a million and a half units is $1 Billion bucks.

I can't wait to hear a judge say "Judgement for the Plaintiffs" !!!!!

to HateMyBravoXL #1341139

Just wait. The motor which is a WARRANTY part died.

Had one service tech verify contacted Maytag who said we HAD to use an authorized tech. Got one of those to verify it was the motor. Oh and by the way I can't get it for two months. Two months went by and we were told to call maytag direct because he couldn't get a replacement.

Now we've spent 150 in service calls and we're informed that the don't make that motor. Thank you for being a maytag customer..

to Anonymous Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #1341225

Sorry for your loss too. Join the crowd.

I'm still having to add water MANUALLY !

This thing sucks.

Beginning to think we're all just $¢r3w3d !!

Maytag $ux. Whirlpool $ux because they destroyed what USED TO BE a good company.

They should both be embarrassed, but obviously aren't...

to MaytagBadWasher #1455801

I tried adding more water and it just drained out! The washer was a bummer from the beginning.

Looking to buy an older washer that someone has worked on and is in good working condition. Worse thing I did was let them haul away my old washer.

Should have gotten a repair person to fix it. Maytag always had a good reputation for years, but their products are garbage now.

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