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I have a MayTag Extended Service Plan (other names: Assurant Solutions, "seller Whirlpool") on my Viking stove with a PO Box in Rapid City, SD. The negative reviews I read online confirm my experience with this plan. My multiple calls go to a call center in Asia. One big concern in addition to not providing me with someone to repair my stove, is they don't seem to vet carefully the people they send into your home. I called the provider... Read more

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I have extended warranty. Called and made an appointment for service. Then I got a confirmation email with the wrong date. I called back and was told that UNFORTUNATELY WE CANT CHANGE THE DATE!!! Never heard of anything like that!! And why do we need to enter at least 100 words here if we can describe the problem with 20???And why do we need to enter at least 100 words here if we can describe the problem with 20???And why do we need to enter... Read more

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I just want to say I hate, hate, hate the Maytag Centennial MCT washer and dryer bought at Lowe's in Spartanburg, SC, several months ago. Thought I would try it out before complaining, but not anymore. People need to know how horrible these machines are. I paid cash for the units and wad told I would love them. Not true. They are poorly designed, and should be taken off the market. First, clothes do not come clean, not enough water to wash a... Read more

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Bought new Maytag refrigerator and did not last 2 years. What a piece of ***!!!! Evaporator motor out $250.00 service call. Its sad to cause bought over $3500.00 worth of Maytag pieces that day. Guess thats what you get when you buy from Mexico. Will never happen again, and somewhere I`ll be able to stop as many people I can from buying this ***. Very loud refrigerator from the fist time we plugged it in. I really don`t have a hundred... Read more

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  • Maytag
  • May 11
  • #846169

Bought an upgraded appliance package featuring all Maytag high end appliance. In 2 years, had 3 refrigerator repairs and now 2 stove issues. Since it's now out of warranty, I have repair it again or buy something else. My suggestion, DO NOT BUY MAYTAG! You will be ripped off! Add comment

I bought this washer less than 3 yrs. ago and the bearings are going out. I checked on how much it is to fix it and the repairman told me it would be cheaper to buy a new one, I checked on buying the parts to fix myself and he wasn't lying! The internet is filled with angry consumers with the same story. This was a MAJOR purchase, not something minor, less than $100.00 thing. I saved for a long time to buy the washer/dryer set! There should... Read more

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Have had this machine less than 3 yrs. and the bearings are going bad. I am finding all kinds of horror stories about Maytag front loading washers with bad bearings and how it is cheaper to replace than repair. I paid a whole lot of money for this washer and it is ridiculous that it is- Number One- already going bad, Number Two- made so that it is not really repairable (costs more to repair than buy a new one). This should be illegal to... Read more

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  • Maytag
  • May 08
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Not even 5 years old and has been collecting dust in my kitchen for 6 weeks now because the High Voltage control board is shot. There are so many stories on the Internet about this and the part is not available anywhere because it is on back order which tells me a lot of people are having to buy this part for this piece of ***, $2,000 for a fridge and it's dead in 4 years. Shame on you Maytag!!!! Add comment

I bought a Maytag washer bravos at lows for  $489 he mct in oct. 2014 after 18 months the washer  stop washing   in april 2016 not cleaning the clothes smell   try diferent settings power wash etc  will not remove the soap will take 8 hours to complete the wash cycle will not rinse I call service mymaytag the tech give me a estimate for $404.00 parts and labor I said the hole washer is $489 how... Read more

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My Maytag washer and dryer, HE 3.6 was delivered and partially installed (told me they were not allowed to hook up the dryer vent even tho I purchased one in my order) on April 15, 2016. I set the desired settings, toss in my Tide Pod with a very light load of items. When I press start, the washer sensor fill light comes on and begins filling. Once the water stops, the machine IMMEDIATELY drains all the water out. Then after noise, etc., the... Read more

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